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Autumn Reading Wrap-Up

January 12, 2017

Hi there! Hope everyone had a lovely time over the holidays. I'm a little overdue—but not by too much—for my fall reading analysis. So let's get started. Here are the books in the order I read them.


 1. Jackaby (Jackaby #1) by William Ritter—YA historical mystery/paranormal

2. The Duchess War (Brothers Sinister #1) by Courtney Milan—historical romance

3. P.S. I Like You by Kasie West—YA contemporary romance

4. Uprooted by Naomi Novik—fantasy

5. Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (Gaslight Mystery #17) by Victoria Thompson—historical mystery

6. A Gift for Guile (The Thief Takers #2) by Alissa Johnson—historical mystery/ romance

7. My Junior Year of Loathing by Jennifer DiGiovanni—YA contemporary romance

8. Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo—YA fantasy

9. Cold-Hearted Rake (The Ravenels #1) by Lisa Kleypas—historical romance

10. Venetia by Georgette Heyer—Regency/historical romance

11. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick—YA contemporary romance

12. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd (Flavia de Luce #8) by Alan Bradley—historical mystery

13. One Summer with Autumn​ by Julie Reece—YA contemporary romance

14. Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo—YA fantasy


As I was typing this out I thought, Good grief that's a lot of historical romance. But actually, it turned out to be more evenly divided than I thought. No steampunk

though! I'll have to fix that. :D 


Anyway, I really enjoyed the books I read—some more than others obviously. A GIFT FOR GUILE was seriously entertaining. It had mystery and romance and was very close to taking the top spot. But in the end, I have to say that Leigh Bardugo's CROOKED KINGDOM was my favorite read for autumn. A really good fantasy adventure with a cast of characters that often tore my heart out. I won't easily forget it. (Not to mention the covers for this series are amazing!)


So there you have it. What was your favorite book this past fall? 


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