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Update Wednesday

Hi everybody! Just checking in with my reading and writing update. As busy as I've been with my current work in progress, I've been reading a lot this month. One reason is because we've been traveling and I listen to audiobooks while I drive. Another is that to recover from my trips, I sit around and read for hours.

Anyway, here are two of the audiobooks I listened to recently. THE RISE OF THE WOLF is a young adult fantasy by Jennifer A. Nielsen and the second book in her Mark of the Thief series, which is set in ancient Rome. I think I liked the first book better than this one, but will probably read the third when it comes out in January.

IMPRUDENCE is an adult steampunk novel by Gail Carriger and part of the Custard Protocol series. I love all of Carriger's books and this one was no exception. You've got shapeshifters and werewolves and vampires and dirigibles! What more could a girl want? :D I'm only sorry that I recently heard there won't be a third book in 2017. Maybe after that? One can hope.

As far as writing goes, I'm almost finished with my newest young adult romance and will be heading into revision as soon as I hear back from my critique partners. So, good progress all around.

What are your current reads?

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