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Surprise! It's an Update Thursday!

So yesterday turned out to be crazy busy with writing and errands, so my Update Wednesday fell by the wayside. Anyhow, here's the update with yesterday's numbers. First, the books.

While on Thanksgiving break, I listened to an audiobook of Terry Pratchett's DODGER. This was a fun young adult historical set in London during the time of Charles Dickens. It's not quite as zany as some of Pratchett's books, but was enjoyable, especially listening to it. The reader, Stephen Briggs, was awesome with his various accents, and made the book come alive.

When I got home, I read RIVAL LOVE by fellow Swoon Romance author Natalie Decker. This is a contemporary YA romance about a star athlete who has to attend her school's arch rival school when she and her mother move in with her mother's boyfriend. And his hot, quarterback of the football team nephew. And it's her senior year. And her mother is totally clueless about the cruelty about to be inflicted on her daughter. Needless to say, sparks fly. All over the place. This book was unexpectedly tense for me and a page turner! If you read it, don't worry about the ending. There are sequels! :D

And now for the writing update. I wrote 5,590 words, which is amazing because the week included Thanksgiving. Overall for November, I wrote 20,100 words out of my 30,000 word goal. I'll be stepping it up in December. Stay tuned.

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