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Update Wednesday!

Hey, guys! I was out of town for five days this past week, so everything has gone a little wacky. On the plus side, I finished reading WINTER by Marissa Meyer and thoroughly enjoyed it. On the minus side, I only wrote 2,785 words, a big drop from last week.

As I tried to get back into writing when I returned, I realized the plot of my work in progress had changed—common for me while drafting—and I needed to reevaluate where the book was going. That, of course, has slowed me down even more. So I went back to a plotting book I've been using to remind myself what I'm doing.

TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS! by Libbie Hawker helps you to develop a quick outline or take it further and make it an indepth outline. Her method is simple, but effective. The title refers to those writers who write "by the seat of their pants" when drafting their stories, just writing without knowing where the story is going.

I've always been a combo writer—someone who brainstorms a basic outline, but then doesn't worry if the story changes as I write. Except that sometimes, I have to stop and figure it out. And that's what works for me. Hopefully it'll help me get back on track!

Happy Christmas shopping!

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